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Vintage Home Restoration

Restoring vintage homes requires special care and can be very challenging when dealing with old structures and building materials, but old houses can truly be a labor of love. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it is that a home renovation done right can turn that older house into your dream home.

That’s why you need a business like Vintage Home Restoration that has years of experience in restoring old homes, and who is able to offer you the qualified personnel, the necessary resources, the unique skill sets and services that are required in renovating vintage homes that our company so proudly excels at.

Our team has the superior know-how and quality craftsmanship, along with a gentle, caring touch as well as a sharp eye for detail that is essential to preserving the special character of older homes. Let Vintage Home Restoration renovate your older house, and we will restore it to its former glory and more.


We’re proud to say we’ve completed a number of highly successful projects. Our biggest project to date is the William A. Robinson house located in Auburn, Maine. This Carpenter Gothic Victorian was built in 1874 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1993. You can view many of our completed projects by going […]

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Our Team

The Vintage Home Restoration Team consists of Michael Condon, his daughter Caitlin Condon and his son Tommy Condon. Each team member possesses unique skill sets which contribute to the team synergy and the overall quality of service. Michael Condon I like to say, “it’s all my fault” that we are in the old house business. […]

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