The Vintage Home Restoration Team consists of Michael Condon, his daughter Caitlin Condon and his son Tommy Condon. Each team member possesses unique skill sets which contribute to the team synergy and the overall quality of service.

Michael Condon

I like to say, “it’s all my fault” that we are in the old house business. I always loved the idea of working on old houses and after restoring my first one about 30 years ago, I just couldn’t stop. Believe me, there have been times that I wish I could have. Growing up in Boston, the only houses we had were old. You didn’t have a choice. Now that I’m older, I still love old houses but I also like new ones, new “old houses” that is.
In Savannah, in addition to restoring vintage houses, we have had the opportunity to build new homes in some of the oldest neighborhoods; but rather than build cookie cutter ranches and colonials, we have opted to build new “old houses” from plans found in 100 year old “new house“ catalogs. So whether it’s new or old, we can give you the vintage home you deserve.

Caitlin Condon

Caitlin had no choice but to be involved with old houses. She started when her parents decided to move into a 100-year-old Victorian when she was just 2 years old. By the time she was in middle school, she was helping out on the weekends by painting and cleaning up houses, readying them for sale. After getting a degree in civil engineering, she jumped in with both feet on the restoration of the William A. Robinson House, a 3,100 square foot Carpenter Gothic Victorian in Auburn, Maine. That job took more than a year but solidified her love of old homes. Now residing in Savannah in a vintage 1920’s Victorian, she helps design the layout, color pallet and fixtures of our home restorations, thus ensuring that “old house” flavor we are famous for. She is also currently pursuing a degree in Historic Preservation and Restoration.

Tommy Condon

Just like his older sister, Tommy was born into the old house business. As a young boy, he did his share of work for his parents, but he was never really interested in the house flipping business. He managed to avoid it as much as possible. After graduating from the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) in 2016, he came home for a short visit before starting his new career in corporate America. For the next couple of weeks, he helped us complete the restoration of a beautiful old foursquare style home in Auburn, Maine. Sometime during his stay, he was bitten by the old house bug - he would say it was a virus that took over after decades of fighting it off - and decided to stick around for one more house. More than a dozen houses later, he is a key member of the team running the show in Savannah. He can be found at all the house restoration job sites, ensuring that things run smoothly and stay on schedule.